I went to the water slide park this weekend.  Had a pretty good time.  I slathered on sunscreen and prayed to the flying spaghetti monster that I wouldn't get burned.  Well, the good news is I didn't get burned as badly as I typically do but I still got a sunburn.  My back and cleavage are are red and my arms and the back of my legs are sporting some sunrashes.

Le sigh.  What good is it to be descended from Pacific Islanders (who should have some good sun tolerance seeing as they're from the tropics) when I just burn in the sun?  I don't understand why my genes are so screwy.  Instead of tanning, I get tons of freckles and burn.  This is why I much prefer fall and spring to summer.


Was perusing my khaki/summer pants collection this morning.  Decided to try on a pair of Jacob pants that I haven't worn in three years (because my ass got so fat).  Well, surprise, surprise!  They fit!  They're still a wee bit snug around the waist but I managed to button it and zip it up.

It's nice to see that all that exercising is starting to pay off.  It doesn't matter that it's taken me almost 3 years to start losing weight.  All I care about is that it's working.

(now I just need to lose the flab around my waist.  damn muffin top.)

The Morning After

The fire from downtown Vancouver as seen from my back deck @ 8:45 pm.

Last night, like thousands of other British Columbians (and Canadians), I was tuned to my TV watching the Canucks play the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup.  Like many others, I was saddened by the loss but can easily admit that despite the fact that the Canucks worked extremely hard, they were beaten by the better team.  Tim Thomas (goalie for the Bruins) played extremely well and out-performed Roberto Luongo.

Unfortunately, I am even more embarrassed and saddened and angry by what happened afterward.  It makes me rage to think of those idiots who decided to start destroying and rioting after the game.  But what boggles my mind are the people who stuck around downtown rejoicing in the destruction.  What goes through that person's mind?  Why stick around somewhere when the chances of getting hurt or arrested is high?

Not surprisingly, the majority of rioters were young men.  And in the age of smart phones and social media, don't these dickheads realize that their faces will be plastered all over the internet, newspapers, and TV?  I sincerely hope that the people that caused destruction suffer the consequences.  I hope they get arrested or the very least are reprimanded by their families and friends. 

Moreover, as I perused the internet today and read some comments, I'm angered by the fact that some people are generalizing this violence as "being Canadians."  That they're implying that as Canadians we are so obsessed about hockey that we would riot after a loss.  This is simply not true.  I partly blame the international media for this.  I understand that sensational stories sell, but as a news medium, they should be more responsible and avoid mass generalization.  If people pay more attention to the pictures and footage, they'll see that some of these rioters are actually professional Anarchists - as represented by the face mask, hoodies, and backpacks that they wear.  It's simply not fair to imply that ALL Vancouverites and ALL Canadians are crazy, violent hockey fans.  In fact, there are many local residents that have volunteered and are currently helping to clean up the aftermath of last night's acts of terrorism.  My little sister is actually down there helping out.  (I would too if I didn't have to be at work). 

As a Vancouverite, I'm proud and love my city.  It pains me to see people destroy it - be it physically or verbally. 

Please non-Canadians don't let what you saw last night tarnish your impression of Vancouver and of Canada in general.  Vancouver is still a great and friendly city to visit.  It's beautiful and clean and safe.

It's not cool to riot.

p.s.  I was 16 when the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the NY Rangers.  I remember the riots that followed afterward.  I'm saddened and disappointed to see it happen all over again but on a larger and much worse case.  Once again, the many fans and Vancouverites will have to pick ourselves up and care for, clean and protect our city once again.

Pissed off

I'm sitting here at work bored and pissed off.  I'm getting tired of my co-worker.  She complains all the time that she's so busy (which to her is a euphemism for important).  Well, my manager finally gives me some work to do and what does my co-worker do?  She takes it from me.  I understand that she worked on it in the past but that was years ago.  We restructured our little department and we each have our own portfolios.  Mine is IT.  I only do IT.  Well, the requirement was from the IT department and so my manager gives it to me to work on.  What do I find out today?  My co-worker has not only done it but she's already issued it without telling me or my manager.  I'm fucking pissed because I know that if I did it to her, she would totally be bitchy and mad.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to sit on my ass doing nothing again as usual.

Wherever you go, there you are

So this was at Coachella this past weekend.  Joshua Jackson/Diane Kruger and Nina Dobrev/Ian Somerhalder hanging out together.  As Duana stated, this just goes to prove that it doesn't matter where you are in the world, Canadians will inevitably find and gravitate towards each other. 

I can vouch for this theory based on past experience.  Several years ago, my hubs and I took a little tropical trip down to the Bahamas.  On our last day there, we went on a little island tour.  As we got on the bus, my annoying husband (who was then my boyfriend) spills his steaming hot cup of coffee on the dude sitting in the row in front of us.  Of course, J feels bad for being a fucking clutz (and not listening to me when I told him not to bring the fucking coffee on the tour bus) and apologizes to the guy.  Then the guy surprises us by being so genuinely nice and easy going and accepting J's apology (which I chalk up to him being Canadian - we are polite people after all).  We get to talking and we find out that they're Canadians and funny enough from BC!  (I can't remember exactly where but I think it was near Prince George).  Anyways, we hang with them during the tour and even agree to take a taxi with them when we get back to Ft. Lauderdale, coincidentally, there were on the same type of trip itinerary we were on.

So there you have it.  Canadians will seek each other out.  Now I just have to go on a trip to Europe to even further test this theory.

p.s.  I keep hearing people sing the praises of Arcade Fire (they're one of the acts at Coachella).  Am I the only one that doesn't really like their music?  I fail to see what the big deal is about these dudes.  Plus they keep flying that Quebecois flag high and proud.  I get it.  You're from Montreal.  No need to keep jamming it down our throats.  See this is the difference between people from Quebec and the rest of Canada.  Anglo-Canadians will thank the country and fly the national flag.  French-Canadians will only ever mention Quebec, never mind the country that it's in.  Damn separatists.
Marc & Amanda


I remember back when I was pregnant how I went through these phases of not feeling good to feeling fantastic to feeling like I was a gigantic fat whale.  It's true though what they say in the pregnancy books about the three trimesters.  I remember feeling disgusting the first three months.  All I did was vomit all day and be tired and hungry and dizzy.  It was like my body just didn't like the extra hormones it was producing.  Then the fourth month hit and everything was fabulous.  It was like the feel good fairy came down and blessed me.  Gone was the nausea and dizziness.  I was starting to buy my maternity clothes and looking good and I was able to still wear my high heels.  Then month seven came and I started feeling sluggish and it was hard to breathe.  For the last month and a half of my pregnancy I was in so much pain, I pretty much cried every day.  I have a short torso (high waist) and I think my baby lodged itself just below my ribs.  I would show up to work and end up being able to stay for half a day, I was in so much pain.  I would work pretty much reclined in my office chair.  It was horrible.

Anyways, here's a lady who looks fabulous pregnant.  I wonder if she suffered the same woes as me.

Monday, Monday

Bored out of my mind at work.  I really don't feel like being here today.  Need a vacation alone - maybe somewhere tropical - very badly.  Maybe somewhere I can just laze around without any responsibility.  Not having to clean up, cook or look after anybody.

Watched The Walking Dead last night.  Liked it a lot.  I thought it was well done.  Am looking forward to this show to fill in the slot during the Mad Men hiatus.  I actually got the hubs to watch it with me last night.  It was quality time well spent.

Took the munchkin trick or treating.  Only went around for two blocks because our neighbourhood totally sucks.  I could count on one hand the number of houses that were giving out candy.  Plus I ended up having to carry him since ALL the houses had stairs and we live on a hill. 

Next year I'm crossing my fingers that I can convince the hubby to dress up and the three of us can be superheroes or something.
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Costume Fail

I dressed as a Buy More Nerd Herd employee at work today.  So far, no one has a clue what the hell I am.  It seems nobody watches one of my favourite shows.  I keep having to explain my costume to everyone.  Grrr!  Costume Fail.

Maybe next year I'll dress as Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood.


Apparently, my father now thinks that our (my and my husband's condo) is a hotel.  My cousin from Cali is coming up for my grandma's 90th and my dad invited her to stay at our apartment.  Thanks a lot, daddy.  So great of you to consult me before inviting someone to stay AT.  MY.  HOUSE.

Fucking parents.
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